LOLER Competent Person

To provide persons responsible for the planning and risk assessment of lifting operations with the:

  • Required knowledge of Standards and Regulations which control the use of lifting procedures and lifting equipment using Safe Systems of Work
  • Required competence and knowledge to mentor and coach lifting personnel in a lifting team
  • Competence in correctly supervising a lifting team.
  • The competence to inspect and use lifting equipment safely.
  • Ability to plan a lifting operation including preparation of risk assessment

Theoretical training covering:

  • LOLER regulations and their legal status as applied to lifting operations of all types
  • LOLER regulations as used in the role of LCP
  • Knowledge of the regulations underpinning LOLER - HASAWA 1974, PUWER 1998, MHSWR 1995.
  • Recognized publications underpinning the Technical and Safe use of Lifting Equipment
  • Rigging loft management and knowledge of the certification and control of various lifting appliances and accessories.

Practical training exercises:

  • Practical planning and risk assessment documentation.
  • Practical equipment control.
  • Practical performance of lifting operation.
  • Assessment of necessary lifting team competence

Upon course completion the participant should have acquired sufficient knowledge, skills and expertise which will allow them to go further with a final assessment as LOLER Competent Person.

Note: This course is training only and does not provide certification as LCP.

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