B2B Booking Portal

Our customer’s designated personnel will have access to this online platform through which they will submit Training Service Orders with an online solution to access Maersk Training course calendars.

Bookings can be done anywhere and anytime in real time. The client will be provided with secure login details. They will enter a page, where they can look up courses and add multiple employees directly to one particular course. Furthermore they get an overview of current and historic bookings.

The on-line booking system has 3 simple steps, which are:

– Provide login details to supply booking information
– Select the Course and Date and click the Book Now tab
– Enter company code for cost information

Thereafter, a confirmation email will be sent to confirm the booking. Joining instructions and booking details are sent out automatically by the system to the person making the booking or if we have the necessary details, to the actual delegate. The booking details will be issued no later than 24 hours after the booking has been confirmed in the booking system.

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