Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & Gas training started with Maersk more than 40 years ago. From the very beginning the focus was not just on the technical side but also the Human Factor aspect as it was quickly realized that these are inseparable when it comes to increasing operational safety and efficiency in Operations. At Maersk Training we strive to put the learning in focus and by having hands on experiences we offer the students the best learning outcome and a better learning experience.

All our instructors come from the very industry that we offer solutions in. This expertise guarantees that the all involved speak the same language. On a training perspective, this also guarantees a common ground on which the challenges the students face in their daily business is highly understood. The success and quality of the training has spilled over and expanded our business to also include Live Well Support, Onboard Coaching, 3rd party verification and rig intake and Performance Improvement.

Do your want to know more about our solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry? Contact us at commercial@maersktraining.com and we will be happy to assist you.