Leadership & Organisational Development
Organizational commitment starts with competent and committed leaders

Maersk Training Leadership Development

We inspire and ‘install’ new ways to solve existing and future challenges, using the best tools and confronting outdated leadership mind-sets.

Maersk Training ambition is to strengthen leaders across our core industries. We help develop strong, balanced, engaging, self reliant leaders and leadership teams.

We work closely with our clients to develop leaders across all career transition points, to build and enhance insight and skills needed throughout the leadership pipe line.

We support transitions from specialists/team players to operational team leaders, from operational team leaders to advanced functional leaders and from advanced functional leaders to executive leaders.

We categorize our products in: Leadership Development Programmes, Leadership Toolbox/Business Learning and Bespoke/Tailor made solutions and Consultancy.

Leadership Development Programmes

We Develop Leaders at all levels but focus our specific Development Programmes at two typical levels – Front Line Leaders & Business Leaders

For most front-line leaders the key task is to execute and deliver on specific tasks and/or projects. For most senior leaders the task manager role is changing into more focus on business leadership. Frontline leaders can be any informal or formal leaders with a role of leading others or leading leaders. The Frontline leaders span from first time leaders to leaders with more experience that wants to develop further as leaders.

Business Leaders are leaders who are typically higher in the organizational hierarchy. It could be senior positions offshore like functional leaders or unit leaders (Rig, Site, Installation, Vessel) or Heads of Departments onshore or upcoming “talents” appointed to step into these positions. The central element it that it is leaders that need a better understanding of how to understand and execute on corporate strategies and take responsibility for business. The business leaders are typically working cross functional with several internal/external stakeholders.

Leadership Toolbox/Business Learning

Some Leaders are not looking for development programmes, but have specific needs that requires training in specific “tools/areas”. Our Toolbox/Business learning Courses focus on stand alone tool courses such as difficult conversations, conflict management, performance appraisals, feedback training and more… our toolbox courses don’t require any formal role or pre-knowledge or skills.

You can Customize our training from course to course based on organisational and/or the participant’s specific needs. You book a People Skills Instructor for a given period 1-5 days and decide/design the course content. Supplementary pre/post training on other platforms (such as e-learning, WebEx and simulators)  will have to be designed and agreed upon with Maersk Training depending on customer needs and expertise available.

Leadership Development Bespoke Solutions and Consultancy

We have many clients who use us to create/co-create solutions that they cannot find on the market or assist with solutions that requires more traditional Management Consulting experience and Skills.

We would happily assist you designing bespoke solutions  or help you with other consultant tasks. Contact us for more information (See Local Contacts).

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Leadership Development inspiration

We recommend you read this book before attending any leadership courses.



We recommend TouchPoints and The five dysfunctions of a team if you need new inspiration to become a more inspiring leader.

We recommend you read this book before attending any leadership courses.