Onshore Front Line Leaders

Front line leader are often overlooked when investing in leadership and operational optimization. The training will introduce basic leadership skills and increase focus oncross functional awareness.


Maersk Training has more than 25 years of experience developing Front Line Leaders in our core industries. For us Front Line Leaders are key in ensuring safe & efficient direction in frontline operations. Front Line Leaders execute HQ ambitions by engaging people.


“Front Line Leaders” cover Front Line Leaders and Supervisors (Formal as well as Informal) that lead teams or tasks on a daily basis. Front Line Leaders are delivering results with/through others to get the daily tasks and operation running in a safe and efficient way. Typically Front Line Leaders span over following levels: Leading others, Leading Leaders (and maybe new Functional Leaders).


  • The role & core responsibilities of Front Line Leader,
  • The element of ensuring Engagement of own employees and team.
Core Topics include:
  • Goal Setting
  • Instruction
  • Feedback
  • Progress Monitoring and Feedback,
  • Difficult Conversations and light Conflict
  • Team Leadership
  • Development of employees and own team
  • Self reflection around the leadership role and where to enforce and develop own leadership style to support corporate business ambitions as well as personal career aspirations.