Crew Resource Management
in an
Operational Concept

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Implementation of CRM
The Why, What & How

Protect the investment and secure the success by building Your own company CRM – Culture.

The First Investment is easy! You Train the on board crew in Human Factors and Crew Resource Management. The essential personnel will have and knowledge on how the CRM principles pushes and shapes your team safety.
The Second Investment is where You protect the first investment and ensure the high effect and make Your teams “Walk the Talk”.

Together we can frame Your Company CRM culture, where all the teams will adobt and embrase the CRM on board.

Forged from the CRM “Basic 6” and our years of CRM Training experience, Maersk Training have designed a CRM merit training programme.
This will ensure the full implementation of high value communication, situation awareness, decision making, leadership and teamwork.

Advanced CRM & HF Training

You want to bring the CRM to the next level! We have many years of experience of combining the operational environment with the theoretical Non-Technical Training. 

Immersive Simulation Environment

The ISE concept is a full scale simulated environment bringing all department from the offshore installation together for the ultimative experience.

The purpose is to challenge the whole unit in high risk and high consequense situation.

Both technical theory and non-technical theory goes hand in hand through the simulated scenarios, that will graduately become more intense.


We would love to design/co-create solutions to match Your needs or challenges.

Please contact Your local Maersk Training People Skills consultant.