Business Learning – Organizational Toolbox – Course overview

Maersk Training has developed a range of modules that during the years have proved to cover most leadership challenges. Across the modules there is something for everyone, not all modules are needed by everyone, but might be everything for some.

Finance and business understanding

Finance for non-financials

Do you want, once and for all to learn how to interpret and read behind the financial information? This course provides you with an opportunity to learn about the financials in an interactive and interesting environment. Duration: 2 days

Cultural Competencies

Global Mindset Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to make you more aware of your own cultural baggage and everything you take for granted – so you can find the key differences between your own culture and other cultures and learn how to deal with them constructively. Duration: 0,5 day

Digitalization and IT

Digital Lives

Do you want to know more about how digitization will affect our lives – both as private individuals and as professionals? You will be inspired to see how businesses need to adapt to survive and flourish in a digitalized world and which competencies and skills are needed for the individual in order to cope and thrive in the digital world of the future. Duration: 0,5 day


Being a Coach

After this course, you will be able to use coaching as a communication tool with employees, team members, colleagues, and customers to empower them to find solutions for themselves instead of giving the answers. The result is a new, empowered way of working that gives ownership and sparks initiative. Duration: 2 days


Leading on a Distance

In today’s organizations, more and more teams are divided across borders, offices, home based contracts etc. This course will enable you to lead and manage teams or individuals across a physical distance, including achieving company goals and results, along with the personal and professional development of their employees. Duration: 1 day

Basic Management – for operational leaders

This course will enable you to perform in the role as Team Leader, primarily in an operational environment. The course will build on already achieved personal leadership competences, and provide an insight into team leadership, which is applicable for the leader himself and for the team as a whole. Duration: 2 days

Situational Leadership II

Situational Leadership® II is a model for developing individuals to their highest level of performance on a specific goal or task. You will learn a clear and structured approach to individual and team development, by using the SLII model to customize own leadership behavior to the specific employee and situation. Duration: 2 days

Team Development

Effective Teams

The intent and purpose of the session is to reach the potentials of your team, through a focus either on improving and enhancing already known strengths within the team, or by helping the team overcome challenges or changes that stand in their way of performing. Each session will be tailormade for the specific team. Duration: 1 day

Personality Types & Motivation

This course will enable you to create positive and developing relations to others, through a solid and thorough understanding motivation and different personality types at work. Duration: 1 day

Conflict Management & Difficult Conversation

This course will enable you with the knowledge and skills to identify, intervene and mediate in existing conflicts between other parties, as well as de-escalate conflicts you are a part of. Duration: 2 days

Personal Effectiveness

Personal Power

Personal power is an enabler to achieving success in life. The goal of this course is to empower you to develop and harness your personal power at the work place. Duration: 2 days

Presentation Skills

This course will aim at making you an excellent presenter. A powerful and confident communicator and presenter is more likely to get his/her message across, because most people will listen more closely when the message is delivered with control, power and from someone we trust. Duration: 2 days

Personal Stress Management

For more than 15 years, stress has been a buzzword and there have been massive focus on stress, people being stressed and sick leaves due to stress. After this course you will have gained a clear understanding of what stress is, where it comes from, what your own personal stress symptoms are and what you should be aware of. Duration: 0,5 day

Stress Management for managers

Lacking or bad management is proven to be one of the biggest causes of stress among employees and teams. Therefore, this training is intended to give further knowledge and information to managers on the causes and avoidance of stress in the team and possible steps that can be taken to avoid stress among their employees. Duration: 0,5 day

Ready to change – increasing successful change

Have you ever set a goal, personal or professional, that seemed really important, but never succeeded? The purpose of this course/workshop is to equip you with the knowledge and tangible techniques to increase the chance of successfully delivering on personal & professional change goals/commitments. Duration: 1 day

Unconscious Bias & Decision Making

Did you know that during your day, while you think you are being deliberate, rational, and thoughtful, your conscious thinking is actually a very small part of what drives your actions and judgements? The aim is to make you more aware of what unconscious biases are, where they come from, and how they affect our everyday life. Duration: 1 day

Upward Feedback

The purpose of the Upward Feedback session is to provide you as a manager with an insight into your leadership behaviour seen from the perspective of your team. The session serves to create, establish and evolve a culture of trust and dialogue based on candid and constructive interaction with each other, with the goal of improving cooperation between the manager and the employees. Duration: 0,5 day

Professional Constructive Feedback

One of the most powerful tools used in our work life, is feedback. The purpose of the course is to enable you with the ability to master feedback as an integrated part of your daily work, to a degree where you feel confident, and provide feedback in a secure manner. Duration: 1 day