Leadership Assessment – Online

Online Leadership Assessment is ½ day assessment, based on tests and personal interview with Maersk Training Psychologist.


Our Online Leadership Assessment programme is highly flexible for your admin as well as less complicated for your candidates. No travel costs and extremely short planning needed. short time consumption means less time away from family or operations. No visa challenges. But still extremely competent assessments that enable you to invest in the best suited candidates/people. Getting competent and industry relevant assessments are now just 4 hours away.


  • Personality Test (link, prework online)
  • Cognitive Test
  • Interview w. psychologist
  • Assessment Report
    Add on Skype Session (optional)
  • Development Focus Areas
  • Personal Action Plans

Maersk Training Experienced Assessors

Maersk Training has more than 20 years experience with assessment of leaders and crews across our industries. Hiring, Promoting, Developing and Training our best individuals is essential in ensuring corporate competitiveness and success.

Basically we can assess anyone high and low, but typically we have been involved in assessment of future senior officers in maritime industry, to ensure that the shipping companies invest in the right people.

We have also been involved with senior leaders from Drilling Contractors and Oil Majors as part of either promotion/Transition process including Personal development programs for same.

Our proven concept is based on quality industry tests applied by In-house Psychologists with in-depth insights to the industry specific challenges and demands of the people we assess.