Operational efficiency and safety don’t happen by accident. High-risk organisations need solutions that empower their people at every level.

  • Leadership​​
  • Teamwork ​​​​
  • Communication ​
  • Decision-Making
  • Situational Awareness ​
  • Performance Shaping Factors​​​

Maersk Training has over thirty years of expertise in helping organisations internalize the Crew Resource Management (CRM) principles. Our training identifies where and when blind spots occur and provides real-world solutions to avoid and mitigate risks long before an accident occurs.​​

Our professionals have worked in demanding environments across the globe. From offshore drilling platforms to busy port facilities, we understand what good, safe operations look like. Let us help you develop the tools and culture to keep your people safe and on the job.​​

Customized Crew Resource Management solutions include:​

  • An assessment of your organisation’s current procedural and process discipline ​
  • Identification of gaps where a CRM tool or training is required ​
  • Develop custom CRM training, highlighting best practice solutions from aviation, military, oil and gas, nuclear, manufacturing, and medical industries to meet your specific needs.


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