CRM & Human Factor Consultancy

Let us solve your challenges together

Together we can tailer make the best way for the roll out of the CRM principles amongs Your crew and supervisors. Investing the resources and effort in the implementation phase will make Your first investment worth while. Our consultants are ready to share and coach you to find the best approach.

Ensure your investment in training meet your expectations. Take the opportunities to utilize our qualified instructors and consultants on the job for more specific and direct training and coaching.

1. The Preparatory and Planning Phase

Clients contacts MT Consultants for Preliminary problem diagnosis and clarification of assignment.

2. In-depth diagnosis of the problem to be solved

Identifying changes required in details. Resources, needs and perspectives are defined

3. Solution Design

Evaluation of alternatives. Decide on Elements. Developing strategy and tactics for changes.

4. Delivery & Adjustments

Deliver solutions and managing implementation. Dealing with unforseen obstacles in an agile way.

5. Evaluation & Handover/Exit

Handover to internals. Final report and Evaluation of project satisfaction.


On Site ISE

After a successful 5days Immersive Simulator Environment course (ISE), two of our very experienced senior management consultants went on board the rig to both ease the implementation of CRM, but also to identify gaps. Though small sessions on board and individual coaching the full effect and the goal were reached.