Leadership Consultancy

We deliver Top Management Consulting with Deep Industry Insight 

When a course is not sufficient/desired, we team up with our clients to diagnose & identify other solutions to persistent challenges or unfulfilled ambitions.

1. The Preparatory and Planning Phase

Clients contacts MT Consultants for Preliminary problem diagnosis and clarification of assignment.

2. In-depth diagnosis of the problem to be solved

Identifying changes required in details. Resources, needs and perspectives are defined

3. Solution Design

Evaluation of alternatives. Decide on Elements. Developing strategy and tactics for changes.

4. Delivery & Adjustments

Deliver solutions and managing implementation. Dealing with unforseen obstacles in an agile way.

5. Evaluation & Handover/Exit

Handover to internals. Final report and Evaluation of project satisfaction.

Leadership & Organisational Development
The Why, What & How

MT Management Consultants have same educational background as normal Management Consultants, but the advantage of working in the very industries we assist. We understand the industries and can assist your internal people in designing and facilitating effective interactions to overcome your obstacles.

Typical Client Challenges have been:

  • Bridging gaps between on- & offshore businesses.
  • Supporting Leaders at all levels understanding
    and executing chosen strategy in all parts of daily operations.
  • Large reorganizations
  • Safety Culture Issues
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Leader Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Coachings & Workshops

Leadership Consultancy cases

Safety Culture Project

Consulting task assisting Maersk Container Industry in a Safety Culture project identifying improvement areas and designing solutions.

Employee Relations

Co-creating and facilitating workshops aimed at ensuring competent leadership of and good  cooperation with external labour/employees in APM Terminals.

Master Mentor Programme

Designing and delivering Train-the-trainer programmes preparing Svitzer senior officers ensuring knowledge transfer in relation with “the great crew change”.

One DBU – Reorganization process

Traditional Management consulting assisting Maersk Oil Danish Business Unit during their reorganization. Coaching top 80 onshore and top 120 offshore.

Leadership & Organisational Development Consultancy key benefits

Most organizations benefit from having an external perspective and inspire internal organisation with updated consulting and business methods.

Using Maersk Training Consultants provides consulting skills and deep industry touch/insights.