Enhanced Well Control CRM

Introduction to Human Factors and Crew Resource Management techniques through technical Well Control classroom training and high fidelity simulator scenario-based training. Problem solving in scenario based Simulator Well Control Cases.

Target group

Participants must have passed the previous two IWCF Level 4 WC courses with a minimum 80% score across all three categories – Equipment – Principles and Procedures and Simulator assessment.

Completion within three months prior to attendance: CPD(Continuous Professional Development) according to IWCF guidelines.


To improve the Well Control knowledge for senior person­nel to a new higher level above and beyond the current IWCF Level 4 Well Control training and assessment with also Well Operations CRM.

Furthermore to include IWCF Level 4 Equipment and Principles & procedures tests and simulator assessment allowing passing candidates to obtain the IWCF Level 4 certificate.


IWCF Level 4 examinations

  • Principles & Procedures Test
  • Equipment Test
  • Well Control simulator assessment
Principles and procedures
  • Well control methods
  • Horizontal well control
  • Stripping operations
  • Bullheading Method
  • Barrier management
  • Case study 1
  • Table top P&A exercise
CRM – The Basix Six – non-technical skills
  • Situation Awareness
  • Decision making
  • Communication
  • Team work
  • Leadership
  • Performance shaping factors
  • And more…
Simulator use
  • IWCF Level 4 assessment
  • Well control team scenarios
  • Debriefing and feedback
  • And more…

Key benefits from Enhanced Well Control training

Enhanced Well Control adds the Human Factor elements to the technical training and that multiplies the Drill Crews team ability to make right timely decision and execute coordinated measures.