Integrated Operations Concept
– Integration is key!

In Maersk Training we aim at insuring full integration between technical competences, full functional crews/teams and strong leadership.

Setting organizations up for success

Creating engagement & commitment by balancing technical expertise and people skills is what leads to well functioning organizations. That’s what we do!

The technical/non-technical skills imbalance is parti­cularly pronounced within High Reliability Industries, where the consequences of things going wrong are far greater and often more costly for both humans and the environment. Traditionally, supervisors, managers and leaders have quite rightly been selected on the basis of their technical knowledge, leaving their non-technical development underinvested in. The result of this lack of dual-tracked development is less effective supervision, underperforming management and a failure to understand how to engage and commit and get the best out of the team.

Aside from the supervisory skills/Commitment gap that potentially emerges, it is also vital to acknowledge that humans can only keep focus for limited periods, our memory capacity is finite, we often overlook critical information when making decisions and we are all affected by biases that make our judgement less effective than we think it is.

Individuals and teams need to be aware of their individual and collective limitations and supervisors need to adjust their approach to take account of these Human Factors in order to deliver enhanced performance.

Are you able to realize the true performance potential of your team? In challenging and highly competitive market conditions, the ability to realize the true per­for­man­ce potential of the team is what will deliver real competitive advantage. But without the right leadership, communication, team building and motivational tools at hand, operational leaders are often unable to draw the very best out of the team. Maersk Trainings Integrated Operations Concept will improve safety and operational performance – from Engine room to Boardroom.

To set organizations up for success, Maersk Training have overall focus on:


Focus on building competency, increasing skills, knowledge and behaviour.


Technical and non technical competency test and assurance.


On- and offshore support to improve safety and operational performance.