Advanced Coxswain Training (ACT) with Desktop Freefall Lifeboat Simulator

To augment on board drills and exercising program to maintain competence and confidence of coxswain, which supports compliance with the following:

  • MODU Code MSC.1 / Circ.1486 Alternate Compliance Program
  • SOLAS MSC.1/Circ.1578 Additional Special Drills
  • Sub Paragraph 8.2 of the ISM Code

The training will consist of the following steps, delivered at Maersk Training facilities in Rio de Janeiro:

  • E-learning on Virtual Marine LMS covering Equipment Familiarization, Mustering, Launching, Clearing Away, Survival and Rescue modules.
  • CBT covering Pre-launch inspection (check the DAVIT, Boat and Engine Systems prior to launching a boat), including normal and fault conditions for each of the systems to be inspected.
  • Simulation: with the use of VR headset and lifeboats controls which are the same as, or substantially similar to controls found in LSA compliant lifeboat., including custom hardware for release hook.
*The price is excluding applicable VAT.