Maintaining your DP Qualification in a New, Simple Manner

From 01 JAN 2024, Maersk Training introduces a new way of maintaining DPO or DPVM certification in collaboration with the Nautical Institute (NI).  

Instead of having to re-take the full on-site training programme every five years, the DPO/DPVM will take an e-learning module with Maersk Training every year for five years, followed by an online exam hosted by NI. Passing each of the five different e-learnings, as well as the online exam, will make the DPO/DPVM eligible for renewal of the certification. The sea-time prerequisites will remain in place and must be documented to NI. 

You can sign up as a DP officer or as an employer. 

Benefits for the Seafarer   

  • Keep up to date every year on the latest knowledge and practices for DP 
  • No traveling – everything happens online, and you can take the e-learning modules whenever it’s convenient for you 
  • Low cost, if you are on your own budget – just 50 EUR per module 
  • You will be able to follow progress and see your certificates on and your phone:  



To enrol in the new DP Training programme, just fill out this form . You will not have to pay anything before 2024.

Benefits for the Employer 

  • No traveling cost or time is required – seafarers take the e-learning modules whenever it’s convenient  
  • Low cost for the training – each e-learning module costs only 50 EUR per participant 
  • Full overview of your crew on without any additional cost 


A dashboard gives you a quick overview of crew progress and results per module


On the “Training Gap” screen, you can see how many crew members are up for each module and book the training online


Do you want to enrol your DP officers ? Please fill out this contact form or reach out to your regular contact person in Maersk Training, if you prefer to do so.

Our Accreditations

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