Bringing a better learning experience to you

Onboard Training Service is a flexible solution allowing you to have Maersk Training instructors and 50+ of our quality training programs brought onboard.

OurĀ  Onboard Training Service is a new opportunity for you to build crew competence more cost effectively. By moving Maersk Training instructors offshore to your premises, instead of training your crew onshore at our training facilities, you can reduce travel and compensation costs, and at the same time plan and align your training more effectively. You only pay travel expenses and a fixed day-rate for instructor time onboard to receive operational consultancy, competency assessment and onboard training for your crew.

Training in their real life working environment will improve learning and give an effective follow-up on how your crew utilise learnings. Our instructors will ensure that the correct focus on safety and procedures is constantly upheld, building a healthy safety culture at your workplace.

Our certified instructors are both competent teachers and highly trained technical specialists with years of industry-experience. They are capable of handling various tasks ranging from basic safety training to mental evaluation and competency assessment of personnel.

How it works

– Training requirements are evaluated to establish expected duration and match instructor profile

– Instructor is assigned and transferred to the rig/vessel/installation. Duration is flexible and adjusted based on training progress.

– Training is coordinated with the Offshore Installation Manager/Master and our instructor participates in relevant safety briefings etc. Additional needs discovered will be included to the extent possible.

– Upon completion, full training report is presented including recommendations and observations. Individual certificates are distributed for all course participants who complete the training.

– Rig/vessel/installation management evaluates training and instructor for constant improvement.

Training areas

– Health & Safety Training

– Lifting Operations

– Equipment Training

– Crane Operations


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What can we offer?

  • More cost effectively concept to build crew competence
  • Stronger safety culture
  • Reduced travel and compensation costs compared to traditional onshore training.
  • Reduced training administration costs – you only pay travel expences and a fixed day-rate for instructor time onboard
  • Training in real life working environment will improve learning
  • As many courses and training for as many people possible to be completed during the trip