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Latest eSea articles – Maersk Training’s own magazine

Seventy percent of the earth is covered in water, but if you were to gather it up into a single ball, it looks remarkably insignificant. All the salt water would be in a ball that is 1,385 kms in diameter – this sphere represents 96% of the water on earth. All the fresh, is just below 273 kms…

… Morten Kaiser’s own life had been punctuated by events and moments that few experience or even understand, but the last sixty or so minutes had been amongst the most intense. On the last day of their Austrian skiing holiday he and his partner Stine had just come down one…

We’ve long recognized about the value of simulator training, how much more sticks in the mind if you can live through a scenario. It is the perfect learning and development tool, especially if you work in an environment that is governed largely by computers. But what happens if…