Anchor Handling and Dynamic Positioning Fundamentals

Theoretical lessons and practical exercises in full mission anchor handling simulator:

  • Training in industry procedures
  • GOMO guidelines
  • Vryhof anchor manual
  • Bruce anchor manual
  • Planning and risk assessment of anchor handling operations
  • Vessel layout
  • Winch operation, functions and layout
  • Winch calculation and capacity
  • Correct and safe use of Shark jaws (Triplex and Karm Fork)
  • Anchor systems
  • Running and retrieving anchors
  • Training of communication and teamwork between:
    • Commanding officer and winch operator
    • Bridge and rig
    • Bridge and deck
  • Ship handling, problem solving and decision making

Upon completion of the course the participant will have knowledge of and ability to:

  • Explain industrial procedures in rigmove operations
  • Plan and conduct risk assessment of anchor handling operations
  • Basic winch operations and use of winch computers
  • Give examples of safe winch handling and problem solving
  • Describe anchor system calculations
  • Explain safe use of Triplex shark jaws and karm forks
  • Describe how to run and retrieve an anchor with PCP
  • Give examples of correct communication
  • Give examples of proper and safe ship handling and decision making
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