Ballast Control & Stability L4 Refresher – Live

Provide a practical training experience in the operation of a ballast control room in simulated emergency situations. The emergency simulations can include, but will not be limited to:

  • collision
  • Loss of watertight integrity
  • blackout (local & total)
  • equipment failure
  • shift of cargo
  • severe weather
  • mooring failure

Assess personnel attending the course to satisfy the minimum standard IMO requirement A1079(28) for the selection and Training of Ballast Control Operators.

Introduce the students to practical experience of operating a ballast control room on board a semi-submersible platform:

  • During basic ballast exercises
  • Exercises demonstrating the effects of free surface.
  • Increase exposure to ballast control room problems, faults and incidents.
  • Exercises in emergency ballasting situations.
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