Banksman Slinger Competency Assessment

To assess persons involved with rigging & slinging in the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge of:

  • Requirements for the marking of lifting components
  • Pre / Post user control and correct storage of equipment
  • Discard criteria
  • Relevant Maersk Oil procedures
  • Enterprise of Competence & end user equipment inspection

To assess persons involved with signaling, via radio or hand signals, knowledge of:

  • Correct use of radio and hand signal communication to ensure safe lifting operations.
  • Planning of lifting routes and lay down areas.
  • Safe Job Analysis & Risk assessment

Theoretical assessment covering:

  • Calculation of lifting equipment capacities
  • Safe job analysis and Risk Assessment planning.
  • Equipment strengths and weaknesses
  • Slinging configuration

Practical assessment covering:

  • Lift planning and risk assessment
  • Lifting team basics
  • Blind Lifts
  • Slinging various types of load according to size, weight, shape and center of gravity.
  • Choosing the correct lifting equipment according to lift plan
  • Visual check of slings (wire/fiber)
  • Visual check of lifting accessories

Give examples of the result of incorrect use of lifting components and how this can be avoided.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the Maersk Oil procedures regarding marking, documentation, use, maintenance, daily inspection and discard criteria of lifting gear
  • Choose correct lifting equipment and show correct methods of use.
  • Direct crane operations safely using radio & hand signals
  • Follow a lifting plan and risk assessment.
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