Basic Management – For Operational Leaders

Basic Management training empowers operational leaders with the ability to lead their team and manage their tasks in a secure and safe manner. A structured approach to task management together with a holistic approach to team leadership during operations is necessary to ensure the desired outcome, and the development of the team members. This course delivers an approach to very actionable leadership needed for them when being in an operational environment, which is both easy to use and apply, and based on many years of research and application in high risk/high consequence environments.

Through theory and practical cases we address how human factors like individual behaviour and interaction between team members affect the safe and efficient operation.

The content includes:

  • Defining leadership for an operational leader.
  • Operational leadership vs. back-office leadership.
  • Making the transition into the leader role.
  • Human factor theory, personal abilities, behaviours and human limitations.
  • Non-technical skills for a leader.
  • Situational awareness.
  • Decision Making.
  • Team Work.
  • Effective communication and feedback.
  • Performance shaping factors.
  • Task prioritization and delegation.
  • Case work and exercises.
  • Personal plan (What will I do differently tomorrow)

  • Understand and recognizes the three main areas of a team leader in their own work (expert, management, leadership)
  • Recognize and be able to apply the 6 key non-technical skills for a leader and for a team, including;
  • Leading and setting direction.
  • Gaining and maintaining situation awareness.
  • Apply decision making techniques.
  • Secure effective communication and provide feedback.
  • Recognize performance shaping factors in the team.
  • Securing a work-environment that fosters productive team work.
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