Bridge Team Enhancement Programme

The purpose of the course is to assess the technical knowledge of COLREGs and use of navigational aids (Radar and ECDIS) of the participants and verify the practical use of this during simulator exercises. Furthermore, the individual candidates will be assessed up against a predefined job characteristic Human Factor (HF) profile consisting of 6 HFs (Basic 6). The participants will prepare a Personal Development Plan (PDP) to assist in further development after the course

The content of the course is:

  • Assessment and learning sessions in COLREGs (with focus on rule 5, 6 7, 8, 13, 17, 19), use of Safety Depths / Safety Contours and shallow depth / shallow contour on ECDIS, use of Radar as navigational aid and use of Basic 6:
    1. Situation Awareness(SA)
    2. Decision Making(DM)
    3. Leadership(L)
    4. Teamwork (T)
    5. Communication (C)
    6. Performance Shaping Factors (PSF)
  • Pre-course online Technical Assessment
  • Pre-course online NEO-PI 3 test (Personality test)
  • Theoretical technical assessments on the course
  • Simulator assessment
  • Human factor assessments and interview
  • Learning sessions on Human Factor and technical development areas
  • Case studies

After completion of the programme, the participants should (to various degrees reflecting their position on-board) be able to:

  • Demonstrate correct behaviour according to COLREGs during a simulator exercise (Focus on rule 5, 6, 7 ,8, 9, 10, 13, 17 and 19)
  • Recognize another vessel based on navigation lights and / or day signals
  • Set up the Radar correctly according to best practice as part of a simulator exercise
  • Demonstrate ability to change plans or priorities (urgent/important) when the situation changes due to distractions or interventions. (Situation Awareness and Decision Making)
  • Be able to demonstrate ability to utilize the bridge team resources by: delegating, knowledge sharing, thinking loud, using closed loop or affirmative communication, and being disciplined, clear and concise when bridge command is changed (Leadership, Teamwork, Communication)
  • Demonstrate ability to maintain clear communication with team members, ability to communicate and clarify roles and responsibilities and ability to receive and understand inputs from other team members and act accordingly (Situation Awareness, Communication)

The psychological test battery and the bridge simulator should also be used to observe and recognize Performance Shaping Factors.

The assessor should implement and address the relevant observations as part of the participants development areas, and the participant should incorporate them in his or her Personal Reflection Plan or Personal Improvement Plan

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