To train trainees to become competent container handling equipment operators with a high level of competence in operating safely and efficiently. The programme also ensures standardized methodology enabling Customer Party to compare performance across teams and terminals.

The ConQuip Programme contains four modules in total. Modules 1–3 is for un-experienced operators (new hires/new on equipment type) while Module 4 is for experienced operators (more than 1 year of equipment experience).

  • Module 1: testing candidates on talent for involved equipment by measuring relevant topics against pre-defined criteria with different scoring values.
  • Module 2: training on basic competences in a restricted area with dedicated equipment for the duration of this programme after signing service level agreement with local operations department.
  • Module 3: training under real operation, divided in Short Sea vessel operation and Deep-Sea vessel operation.
  • Module 4 : reviewing the performance of experienced operators against relevant topics with pre-defined criteria and different scoring values.

On completion of the ConQuip Programme, the participants will have the technical skills of handling the equipment in a controlled and safe manner. The participants will be issued a certificate after completion of the course.

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