Cyber Security Awareness

This course will be covering the following elements through class room lectures based training to reinforce the complex subject matter in a practical & simplistic manner:-

  • The Ship-Shore Cyber Network & Interface
  • Hacking & Hackers
  • Malware & Firewall
  • Various kinds of Threats & Attacks
  • IMO Guidelines (MSC 428((98) & MSC-FAL 1/ CIRC.3)
  • IT & OT Systems
  • Various Shipboard Systems exposed to Cyber risks.
  • Cyber Security Plan & Risk Management approach.
  • Good Practices / Cyber Hygiene
  • Crew Training – Effective Response
  • Incident Investigation
  • Case Studies


Candidates are expected to have a basic understanding of IT, Internet and computers.

The participants should be able to:

  • Understand and gain awareness of potential threat situation and threat factors.
  • Be capable of verifying the Integrity of the entire network.
  • Have a general concept of various kinds of threats – modus operandi of hackers.
  • Establish procedures ashore & on-board as per IMO Guidelines.
  • Difference between IT & OT.
  • Threat vulnerability of various shipboard systems.
  • Preparing a Cyber Security Plan based on Risk Management approach.
  • Learn about Cyber Hygiene & good practices.
  • Put in place counter measures against attacks (Trojans, Backdoor, Virus & Worm).
  • Crew Training in effective response.
  • Post Cyber Incident Response – Recovery & Investigation.
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