Digital Lives – Siemens

The purpose of the seminar is to inform and inspire a (possibly diverse) group of employees regarding the challenges and opportunities that we all face as private individuals and as professionals because of digitisation.

Do you want to know more about how digitisation will affect our lives – both as private individuals and as professionals? Every digitisation project or digital transformation starts and ends with people, not technology, and businesses that successfully leverage the power of digitisation achieve their results because their people are "onboard" with digitisation. Not everybody need to be a digital expert, but all must understand the purpose and the basic mechanisms of digitisation to be able to take part and contribute in a positive way to the digitisation journey of the business.

This very inspirational and eye-opening session/seminar will put our digital lives in perspectives and introduce knowledge and insights into the technologies that surrounds us, and which are a great part of our lives. The session will take us through a discussion on the particular characteristics of `digital`, to an introduction of the possible effects of digitalisation on the labour market, the always-on technologies and the effects this may cause to our private lives.

You will be inspired to see how businesses need to adapt to survive and flourish in a digitalised world and which competencies and skills are needed for the individual in order to cope and thrive in the digital world of the future.

This session is aimed at everyone who wish to learn more about the influence of digitalisation, and how it impacts our lives.

The content is structured thematically in four sections which together form a cohesive and compelling narrative, ranging from a scene-setting introduction, to perspectives on work-life changes to come, to the challenges of doing digital business, and finally to the personal perspective of the individual on the skills and competencies required to thrive in a digital world.

  • Setting the scene: why and how is ‘digital’ different?
  • The future of work: labour market and work life.
  • Corporate perspectives: business, strategy and organisation.
  • Personal perspectives: ready for ‘digital’?

Upon completion of the session, the participant will:

  • Understand the key characteristics of ‘digital’.
  • Understand the digital technologies and their transformative power – at work and at home.
  • Understand when digital technology takes over ‘human’ functions.
  • Be aware of the dilemmas of `Always on`– ultimate flexibility or unhealthy stress factor?
  • Understand and be aware of strategies for navigating exponential changes.
  • Be aware of agility and new work methods.

Each theme will be introduced, illuminated and exemplified in a presentation, which, depending on timeframe and group size, can be followed by a plenum discussion of key questions or a brief exercise to illustrate key points.

*The price is excluding applicable VAT.