Drilling Well on Simulator (DWOS)

Maersk Training (MT) will develop a 3-day bespoke Well Control Training for Operators and their Drilling Contractors called Drilling Well on Simulator (DWOS).

The training will be delivered in person (Face to Face) by Maersk Training at their training facility in Houston, TX covering:

  • 3- Day Team based Bespoke Drilling Well Control training at Maersk Training in Houston
  • Utilising 2 x MT Oil and Gas Instructors and 2 x advanced DS6000 drilling simulators
  • Rig type: TBD based upon Client's needs
  • Focus of the programme will be going over well and rig specific scenarios, testing procedures during operations and designing challenging operational conditions in simulator environment.
  • Objective: To enhance understanding of procedures, contingency plans etc. and improve rig crew knowledge of systems and procedures in safe simulator environment
  • Audience
  • Drilling Contractor Tool Pusher > Assistant Driller
  • Operator: Drilling Engineer/WSL (Potential)
  • Total No: Approximately 7 (10 Max) people in total per session
*The price is excluding applicable VAT.