Dropped Objects Awareness

Based on industry best practice, this course defines what a dropped object is, identifies the common causes and consequences of dropped objects, the importance of risk assessment, and describes the control measures to eliminate or mitigate the consequences of potential dropped object incidents.

LO1 Define what ‘dropped objects’ are
LO2 Identify the potential consequences of dropped objects using the DROPS Calculator
LO3 Identify the main causes of dropped objects
LO4 Explain the task planning and risk assessment requirements associated with dropped object hazards
LO5 Describe workplace best practice and the control measures to be put in place to eliminate, or mitigate the potential consequences of, dropped objects, covering:
- Engineering design and equipment selection
- Dropped object hazard awareness programmes
- Independent surveys
- Primary securing, secondary retention and safety securing systems
- Pipe handling pre-checks
- Lifting and hoisting assessments
- Permanent and temporary equipment at height
- Preventive maintenance
- Zone management
- Securing of tools and equipment
- Housekeeping
LO6 Identify examples of dropped object incidents in high-risk industries
LO7 Describe best practice for reporting dropped object hazards

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