Dynamic Positioning Seatime Reduction

For participants following the Nautical Institute (NI) Offshore scheme:

The purpose of the course is to reduce the period of DP watch keeping required to apply for a DP operator certificate and when passed it will reduce the required DP sea time days by:

  • DP training started BEFORE 1st of January 2015: 42 days
  • DP training started AFTER 1st of January 2015: 30 days

Subsequently any trainee has to do min. of 30 days DP sea time before applying for a DPO certificate.

For participants following the NI Shuttle Tanker scheme:

The course is a prerequisite to complete the NI shuttle tanker scheme. The course is a Training course ‘C’ according to NI and can be taken either as phase 5, 7 or 9.

The course is designed to demonstrate participants knowledge of:

  • Operation of a DP System incl. analysing trends and other information; Evaluating and responding to alarms.
  • DP Operations incl. subsea construction, dive, ROV, OSV and Cable lay as well as communication and teamwork and use of correct procedures and checklists.
  • Emergency Procedures incl. communication and teamwork

NI defines clear objectives for the Sea Time Reduction Course, which can be summarized as follows:

Operation of a DP system:

  • Demonstrate the ability to set up and operate the DP in different modes using position reference systems, sensors and peripheral equipment associated with the DP system, including manoeuvring in different modes.

DP Operation:

  • Demonstrate the capability to plan and conduct any DP operation, including risk assessment, contingency planning and assessment of vessel capability.
  • Demonstrate compliance with procedures and other relevant industry publications.
  • Evaluate the various information and warning as well as alarm messages.

Emergency Procedures:

  • Recognise the conditions causing degraded operational or emergency status by means of warnings/alarms and FMEA.
  • Carry out procedures to stabilise the vessel position and heading following a variety of system failures and take appropriate decisions and actions as to continuing or abandoning the operation.
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