Effective Teams

Different teams, means different strengths, challenges and different people. Therefore they also need different training, support and focus in their further development.

The Effective Teams session is based on each team´ specific situation, needs and desires. The content will be individually prepared for each session, based on an alignment conversations with the Team Leader/Manager, to ensure the most relevant focus for his/her team.

The session is relevant for existing teams, as well as newly formed teams. The benefits are many, and the target group therefore consists of all teams with a desire to reach their potentials and/or overcome challenges in the team.

The specific content for the team sessions will be prepared for each session individually, in order for the content to match the purpose and the aim for that specific team. The content will be agreed upon and aligned between the Team Leader/Manager (the requester of the session) and the facilitator, in a three step process:

  • The Team Leader/Manager makes contact to Maersk Training, and shares the reason for his/her interest in the Effective Teams session.
  • Based on this initial alignment conversation, the Maersk Training Consultant develops an agenda aimed at the purpose from the conversation, and shares this with the Team leader.
  • The session is facilitated with a content, purpose and objectives tailor-made for that specific team.

Since all session will be different and designed for each specific team, the learning objectives & outcomes will also differ. Depending on the initial purpose of the team session, the objectives can involve a variety of topics, going from team roles, dysfunctions and conflicts in the team, change process etc.

However, some of the general outcomes of a team sessions will enable the team to:

  • Gain insights in effective team development theories and best practices, applicable for their team.
  • Gain insights in own team obstacles and opportunities.
  • Recognize and value personality difference and difference in contributions in their team.
  • Gain the competences and the experiences to develop a plan for their future team development (what will we do different tomorrow).

The focus will be on introducing relevant team development “lenses”/methodologies, resulting in tangible team- or leader actions to be taken. All sessions will be very intuitive and interactive, making sure that all team members are including and feel committed to session designed for their team.

*The price is excluding applicable VAT.