Electrical Safe Work Practices – AEPIT

This course provides fundamental electrical safety training for IT_CAO_ET and other crafts who desire to comply with OSHA 1910.331-.335, Subpart S, entitled ""Electrical Safe Work Practices"" and Shell's HSE0038-PR01 ""Electrical Safe Work Practices"" and HSE0038-PR01-GL.01 "" Guidance for Safe Electrical Work.

The workshop content includes basic electrical theory; description of electrical equipment operation; identification of electrical hazards; and procedures for safe lockout, tagging, and verification of electrical equipment. Use of workbook material, class and lab exercises, and video presentations give in-depth coverage of the material. A final examination is given to verify knowledge of OSHA training requirements and Shell's requirements to be considered a ""qualified and authorized"" IT person."

For courses in Robert Training Center - USA:
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