Electrical Safety

This course provides an overview of electrical hazards and outlines best practice when working with electricity

LO1: Explain the importance of electrical safety and its key terms
LO2: Identify the types of electrical hazards
LO3: List the reasons why electrical accidents happen
LO4: Explain the principles of equipment selection, design, and maintenance to ensure electrical safety
LO5: List the roles and responsibilities of managers, supervisors, and employees in ensuring electrical work safety
LO6: Describe the flowchart process of assessing safe working practices
LO7: Describe the checkpoints involved in assessing whether to work on ‘dead’ or ‘live’ equipment
LO8: List common preparative actions for dead and live working
LO9: Explain the dead working procedure
LO10: Explain the live working procedure
LO11: Identify the items of specialised PPE which will be required for working on electrical equipment
LO12: Identify the actions to take to deal with electric shock

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