Emergency Crane Training

Participants will gain an understanding of their own behaviors and the behaviors of managing crane related incidents, crane malfunctions and the corrective action to be taken when faced with an emergency or uncontrolled event whilst operating an offshore pedestal mounted crane in inclement weather conditions, strong seas and high winds.

The course is based on a combination of theory and real life practical based simulator exercises.

Been able to take the corrective actions and control measures when faced with any potential crane related malfunctions or lifting incidents.

Understanding how the weather has an impact on the crane and lifting operations.

Understanding the dynamic effect and wave criteria has on lifting operations and the crane structure its self.

Setting up the crane correctly for various environmental conditions (Strong seas and high winds) also different types of loads been lifted and the effect it has on the crane and its structure along with the lifting equipment being used.

To further enhance participants in their knowledge and understanding of the corrective actions to be taken when faced with crane related incidents, crane malfunction or carryout out lifts in marginal weather conditions.

  • Setting up crane correctly for different environmental and lifting categories.
  • How to control a load swinging in an uncontrolled manner.
  • Problems when faced with a supply vessel having difficulty with station keeping whist carryout cargo operations.
  • Corrective actions to be taken when faced with a number of crane or load malfunctions.
  • Knowing when/why and how to activate MOPS, AOPS/GOPS and E-Stop and the effect this has on the lifting operation.
  • Know when and why operations must stop to safe guard equipment and must importantly personnel.
  • Giving correct information and communication via radio or hand signals in relation to crane incidents during lifting operations.
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