First Aid Worker

Offshore First Aid Worker gives the participant the right set of skills to work safe in an emergency situation and enables the participant in stabilizing and evacuation from an offshore installation.

The course will give knowledge about different injuries and how to treat the injury until medic arrives.

After completion of this course, the delegate will have achieved skills and basic knowledge about:

• Risks and hazards
• Ways of stabilizing
• Means of evacuation
• Medic- and satellite assistant first aid bag + challenges in environment
• Four main point incl. ABCDE principles and primary survey
• Anatomy, physiology, functions and symptoms
• Serious and minor injuries
• AED safety procedures and correct use of an AED
• Scenario based training

The participant will:

• Gain knowledge of the risks and hazards present in an Offshore environment
• Gain knowledge of the content of the different medic- and first aid bags
• Gain knowledge of means of stabilising and evacuation of a casualty
• Be able to identify symptoms of serious and minor injuries related to the human body
• Be able to demonstrate understanding and correct order of management in an emergency situation on an offshore installation
• Be able to demonstrate correct use of lifesaving first aid using the Primary Survey A-B-C-D-E
• Have knowledge of correct use of an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)
• Be able to demonstrate correct use of Primary and Secondary Survey
• Be able to demonstrate correct use of First Aid equipment in a First Aid scenario
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