G11 Banksman & Slinger Module O -1.1

The purpose of the training is to provide personnel who will be slinging loads with training in the safe use, maintenance, general control and disposal rules for various types of lifting gear. In addition, the training of correct signals and communication, so that accidents and incidents during lifting operations are avoided.

Through theoretical class room sessions and practical exercises, the participants will gain the competency to participate in safe lifting operations.

The course, which is verified and accredited by Norsk Sertifisering AS, complies with documented safety training plan F-2702 and Norsok R-003

The training meets the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate minimum requirements for persons who use work equipment for lifting loads.

  • The reasons for training
  • Cause of accidents
  • Injury statistics
  • Insurance / Economics
  • The working relationship between slinger & signaller
  • Attitudes to this work
  • Regulations
  • Lifting Equipment
  • Lifting equipment tables
  • Communication and signals
  • Practice assignments
  • Practical use of lifting equipment
  • Final examination

Through practical and theoretical exercises:

  • Give participants knowledge of: proper use, labelling, storage, general control, discard criteria and certification requirements for lifting gear.
  • Give participants knowledge of the correct use of radio and hand signals so that incidents and accidents related to lifting operations are avoided.
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