Get Up Safe – GUS

Upon enrollment, all registrants must provide proof of current GWO Work at Height and a certificate and/or WINDA ID number, failure to do so will invalidate your enrolment, and you will be required to register for another course date.

Additional course prerequisites/ requirements include the following:

  • Complete the associated Get Up Safe (GUS) E-learning – The link to e-learning will be forwarded shortly before the confirmation email.
  • Fitness on the day.
  • Get Up Safe System working load and equipment is weight limited –Participant may weigh no more than 294.5 Pounds/ 134 kg.
  • Ability to understand English in all forms.
  • Bring steel-toed boots.

Online Training and Assessment The online training and assessment consists of 1 hour of content. It has been designed to give a user experience which leads to a high retention of knowledge and includes multiple choice assessments. The learning objectives (with associated assessment criteria) are based on the key elements of knowledge, skills and behaviors. This is to ensure that the training and assessment will lead to demonstrable, accredited and certified competence. Candidates may only attend a practical training day on site once the online training and assessment course has been completed successfully. Once both elements are complete, candidates shall receive a certificate. The online training course is available via PC, tablet and mobiles. Candidates shall be invited to take the e-learning course via e-mail.

Practical Training and Assessment This shall be conducted by experienced and qualified instructors. The training will be practical in content allowing the users as much time as possible to develop their knowledge, understanding and experience of using the system in both normal and emergency scenarios. The training days shall involve a maximum of 12 candidates, supported by an instructor. In all cases, candidates must demonstrate the required knowledge, skills and behaviors for safe use of GUS system. Please be aware that all practical training will be conducted outside, and therefor we kindly ask you to wear appropriate clothing for the training and the weather on the day of the training.

Course Purpose and Aim This unit aims to ensure learners have the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviors for safely using the Get Up Safe offshore personnel transfer system designed by Pict Offshore Ltd. The unit recognizes the knowledge, skills and behaviors set out in the assessment criteria which form part of a wider assessment of competence to use the GUS System.

Course Pre-requisite(s) It is essential that learners working towards the unit must have previously and successfully completed Basic Safety Training from GWO appropriate to their role, and these certifications must be presented prior to training.

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