The GWO ART module contains the following elements;

  • Safety Instructions and Emergency Procedures
  • Facilities
  • Emergency Response Plan in Your Own Organization
  • Evacuation Strategy
  • Utilization of cervical collar
  • Packaging the injured person
  • Lowering/Raising Rescue System
  • Rigging setup options - combining rescue equipment and PPE lanyards
  • Hub Rescue Exercise 1+2 (From Blade)
  • Hub Rescue Exercise 3+4 (From Spinner)
  • Outside Evacuation of injured person – Practical Exercise

The Hub Rescue module shall ensure that delegates are able to;

  • Assess and determine rescue strategy for various rescue scenarios, in a WTG hub, spinner and inside a blade
  • route for the injured person
  • Explain and demonstrate the identification and suitable selection of certified and structural anchor points
  • Explain and apply the concept of lifting angle, angle factor and deviation
  • Explain and control common risks of hazardous energies and common hazards of enclosed space areas in a WTG
  • Apply rescue methods and techniques in performing descending and ascending rescue operations
  • Fit a harness and other PPE onto an injured person, in an enclosed space in a WTG
  • Package an injured person on a rescue stretcher and spine board for safe transportation
  • Manually transport an injured person on a rescue stretcher or spine board - in a balanced way, in a WTG
  • Change directly from balancing a suspended injured person from a horizontal position to a vertical configuration
  • Perform rescue operations, in a WTG hub, spinner and inside a blade, using an injured person personal fall protection equipment backup system as well as safe and suitable anchor points, lifting angles, flashlight, deviation, and edge protection for the rescue equipment
  • Perform rescue operations as the informal rescue team coordinator
  • Perform clear and precise communication in a stressful rescue operation
  • Apply clear communication and guidance to other emergency responders

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Course Fee in UK

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