H2S Awareness

Hydrogen Sulphide, or H2S is a colorless, highly flammable and highly toxic gas, which is a common by-product found in many different industries. Accumulating in low lying areas, it may go unnoticed. In high doses, one breath can kill instantly. This course will provide delegates with the additional skills, knowledge, information, as well as equip them with the appropriate attitudes to enable them to identify and manage a H2S hazard, assess the risks and implement the appropriate control measures.

The aim of this course is to enhance awareness and generate a high degree of safety consciousness amongst the participants regarding awareness of H2S and how to deal with H2S at workplace.

• Medically fit

Upon completion of this course the delegate will be able to:

  • Understand the basics H2S awareness, effect, first aid, work environment, exposure limits and detection.
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