Hand and Power Tool Safety Awareness e-learning

Based on industry best practices, this e-learning course provides an awareness of the hazards associated with the use of hand and power tools, and the control measures and safety precautions that should be implemented to reduce the risk of injury.

Duration: 30 minutes

LO1: Identify various hand (non-powered) and power tools used in offshore and maritime industries.
LO2: Describe the hazards associated with hand and power tools.
LO3: List the general rules and legal requirements pertaining to hand and power tool safety.
LO4: Explain the importance of using tools only for their intended purposes.
LO5: Recognise the personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements for high-risk industries offshore.
LO6: Identify various energy sources for powered tools.
LO7: Recognise specific hazards associated with different types of power tools and their respective control measures.
LO8: Explain the significance of safety devices fitted to power tools.
LO9: Explain the safe operation, adherence to procedures and maintenance of hand and power tools.

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