Hazard Identification and Awareness

Course overview

This awareness course focuses on the importance of hazard identification. It focuses on identifying energy sources as a means of identifying common industry hazards and describes the steps involved, and the factors that should be considered, in the hazard identification process.

Target audience/level: All personnel

LO1 Describe key terminology
LO2 Provide an overview of the task risk assessment process
LO3 Describe the purpose of hazard identification
LO4 Describe the energy sources used to help identify hazards
LO5 Identify common hazards in high-risk industries
LO6 Describe the hazards associated with SIMOPs
LO7 Define ‘personal safety’ or occupational hazards
LO8 Describe major accident hazards
LO9 Describe human factors in relation to hazards
LO10 Identify the key factors to consider when identifying hazards
LO11 Provide an overview of the requirement for task risk assessment

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