Hazardous Material Awareness HAZMAT

The aim of this course is to enhance awareness and generate a high degree of safety consciousness amongst the participants regarding the dangers associated with the exposure, handling, carriage, storage and transport of hazardous chemicals/materials. Also, to introduce participants to the safe and correct methods of dealing with hazardous material, including dealing with emergencies related to hazardous chemicals.

After completing the training, the participants will have to complete assessments.

Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:
• Understand the basics of handling and transportation of hazardous chemicals
• Obtaining basic information from IMDG-Code regarding classification, dangerous goods list, consignment procedures, packing, stowage, segregation and transportation
• Describe IMDG classes, divisions, packing groups
• Describe methods of identifying hazardous materials based on their marking, labelling and placarding.
• Understand the importance of proper storage and segregation of hazardous materials
• Basic understanding of emergency procedures involving hazardous materials.• Understand the structure and contents of the SDS sheets

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