HV AP Switching Operations Training

The training will give a complete overview and understanding of switching operations, from receiving the execution plan, including work permits, Task Risk Assessment (TRA), switching plans and roles/responsibilities. Further, the training will enable experienced personnel to enhance their safety, by focusing on human factors and learnings from industry incidents.

The training will strengthen the participants’ knowledge of operating procedures and the importance of procedural discipline and correct behaviour during HV switching operations.

Improve the delegates’ knowledge, skills and behaviour regarding safe performance of High Voltage (HV) switching operations as Authorised Person (AP) in wind turbines and connected grids.

  • High voltage safety rules and legislation, arc blast hazard and PPE
  • General HV switching gear in wind turbines and grid layouts, including protective equipment
  • The influence of human factors during switching operations
  • Communication during HV switching operations
  • Procedures for HV switching operations
  • Lock Out Take Out (LO/TO), testing and proving dead equipment
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Job planning/preparation as AP
  • Case studies

The training is based on generic procedures representing industry best practice. The theoretical lessons are conducted in the class room. The practical part “hands on” training will be done in a combination of switching in a simulated environment with HV Circuit Breakers (CB) and in the field using live HV equipment.

Each delegate will perform minimum 16 switching operations in the role as AP, minimum 8 of these will be in a non-controlled and non-simulated environment.

*The price is excluding applicable VAT.