IADC WellSharp Live Driller Level

The purpose of this course is to submit the understanding of well control techniques for surface and subsea BOP installations at driller level according to new International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) WellSharp standards.

The course covers the following areas:

  • Well control awareness
  • Basic well control concepts
  • Mud and it management
  • Pre-recorded data
  • Causes of kicks
  • Barriers
  • Shallow gas, shallow water flows and top-hole drilling
  • Abnormal pressure warning signs
  • Well control drills
  • Kick detection
  • Shut-in pressures and verification
  • Post-shut in monitoring and activities
  • Well control methods
  • Casing and cementing considerations
  • Risk management
  • Surface well control equipment
  • Subsea well control equipment
  • Simulator and written examinations

  • Understand and apply the principles and procedures used in well control operations with Surface or Subsea BOP stacks.
  • Use the equipment for well control operations with surface or subsea BOP stack.
  • Increase well control understanding by use of the simulators.
  • Show that kick detection and initial reaction can be mastered by use of simulators.
  • Obtain sufficient knowledge about the course content to pass three tests with minimum 70% score on each.
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