IGF Code – Simulation

The 5 day IGF Code simulation training corresponds to 30 days of seagoing experience required by STCW. The training includes 2 of the 3 required bunkering operations to obtain IGF Code Advanced certificate.


The Assessment is divided into three parts. (Awaits completed development)

1. LNG Bunkering – to be assessed twice for safe bunkering operation. Different scenarios shall be used like prior to Dry-dock, post Dry-dock, routine bunkering.
2. Methanol Bunkering – to be assessed twice for Safe bunkering operation.
3. Dealing with ESD – Trouble shooting on the fuel system while operating on the low flash point fuels and rectification of faults successfully.


IGF Code Basic and IGF Code advanced Course to be completed before.

The objective for this course is to provide trainees who are involved with immediate responsibility for the care and use of Low flash point fuels with knowledge, understanding and proficiency using simulator exercises to demonstrate their competencies in various scenarios. The below are the learning objectives for each module.

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