Immersive Simulator and Crew Resource Management Training

The overall purporse is to increase the knowledge and awareness of specific elements of Human Factors, and how they influence the technical performance of the drilling crew and wider team. Targeted training program which is focused on well operations crew resource management training to aid in delvelopment of crew for upcoming operations. Utilise DS6000 Simulator to recreate expected challenges in upcoming operations to stress test personnel and procedures in a variety of scenarios with the aim to build team resilience.

The overall objective is to make the crew able and willing to apply relevant Human Factors tools on board the rig, which will enable them to close any gaps identified. The underlying objective of the simulator scenarios is to identify crew challenges when it comes to Human Factors and Technical competencies and skills, and hereby provide feedback that opens for a dialogue on development areas and how they can be implemented on board.

Ongoing through the training - no final exam. Debrief and feedback given at the end of each exercise.

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