Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) e-Learning

To give you a general understanding of the complexities with MPD operations and to heighten your awareness of the principles, methods and procedures that separates MPD operations from conventional drilling

The course covers the principles, specific methods and equipment used in MPD operations. The course also covers some of the background and history of MPD and why and where it is used. It also goes through elements of the planning phase, including well barriers, well control and elated principles to this:

  1. Purpose of MPD
  2. The History of MPD
  3. Planning
  4. Methods and Equipment
  5. Drill strings and Fluid Systems (advanced only)
  6. Operation
  7. Well Control
As the course is interactive the duration of the course may vary but is stipulated to be completed in approximately 1 hour (basic) and 3 hours (advanced).
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