Offshore Confined Space Entry

A staggering number of workers are killed or seriously injured every year in confined spaces due to lack of knowledge of the environments they are working in and the equipment they are working with.

This course is intended for participants who require the knowledge and safe working practices for reducing risks when entering or working in confined space environments.

Through a combination of classroom theory and practical exercises, the participants will gain the necessary knowledge in order to react and work within a confined space environment including the safe use of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus.

Achieve knowledge of how to minimize the risk of fire and maintain a state of -readiness to respond to emergency situations confined space entry

- Demonstrate safe and proper use of breathing apparatus for fighting fires and effective rescue
- Achieve knowledge of entering confined space
- Achieve knowledge of hazards and risk associated to confined space entry
- Achieve knowledge of the toxic gasses related to confined space entry
- Achieve knowledge of planning confined space entry
- Achieve knowledge of communication related to confined space entry, including entry/exit guard
- Demonstrate how to use emergency rescue equipment related to confined space emergencies

- Demonstrate how to perform a simple rescue

  • To provide the knowledge and practical experience to safely enter a confined space.
  • To provide a thorough understanding of the dangers of confined spaces.
  • To enable delegates to access, work and egress from confined spaces safely.
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