Offshore Vessel Basic Knowledge ENBO Virtual

The purpose of this course to get the delegates prepared for SIRE 2.0 regime. The delegates will receive information on the significance of SIRE 2.0 with main focus on:

  • Complied VIQ
  • Rotational questions
  • Campaign questions
  • Conditional questions
  • Human element questions

This will give the delegate an appreciation of the paradigm shift to SIRE 2.0.

  • Introduction to SIRE 2.0
  • Key changes introduced in SIRE 2.0
  • Process of implementing SIRE 2.0
  • Differentiate existing SIRE from SIRE 2.0 regime and areas where it will supersede
  • Vessel preparation for a SIRE 2.0
  • Individual preparedness for a SIRE 2.0
  • SIRE 2.0 inspection checklist
  • Shore support in SIRE 2.0
  • Human element to SIRE 2.0

On completion of this course the delegates will be able to demonstrate familiarization, awareness and preparedness towards SIRE 2.0.

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