Oil & Gas Production Advanced

To improve the participants process knowledge and competence in managing an Oil and Gas production plant during normal and abnormal situations. The operations includes optimization of operating conditions, handling of minor and larger deviations at the plant and the equipment and emergency situations related to the process.

  • Physical properties of hydrocarbons.
  • Optimization during different operating conditions, steady state operations.
  • ESD and restart of process from ESD 2 and 3, plant troubleshooting.
  • Emergency situations related to production, problem solving techniques. Please note these will be with a technical focus, as human factor and decision making is covered in other training.

The training will be conducted as classroom training led by an instructor, utilizing a generic O&G process simulator to demonstrate and enhance the knowledge and skills. The ratio between simulation and other activities is approximately 60/40

After completing the course, the participant should:

  • Understand process principles.
  • Understand basic physical properties of Hydrocarbons.
  • Be able to sketch the main components in an O&G Process plant and their relationship.
  • Handle emergency situations related to production.
    • Condition 1
    • Condition 2
    • Cond…
  • Restart the production after an ESD 2 or 3.
  • Demonstrate the ability to monitor the process plant during operation and take correct actions under various conditions.
  • Apply the knowledge of Hydrocarbons and system components to optimize the process plant operation and handle various abnormal operating conditions.
  • Execute standard operations on a generic process simulator and follow operational procedures/checklists
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