Oil & Gas Production Operator

Oil & Gas Production Operator course aims to give the participant knowledge and skills of the practical operation of a typical Oil & Gas installation.

The course will give the participant practical understanding in the operation of the production facility.

Further, the course will include procedures and work sequences which are vital to ensuring efficient and safe start-up and operation of an Oil & Gas plant.

During the course, the theoretical education will be supported by a series of practical exercises on an oil & gas simulator, as well as discussions in the classroom.

  • Operating wells
  • Oil/Gas process and export
  • Gas processing, liftgas injection, glycol regeneration and export
  • Produced water treatment
  • Water injection
  • Utilities/Supporting functions
  • Documentation

  • Understanding of the setup of wells and wellhead systems
  • Understanding of the setup of different production systems via manifolds and flow lines
  • Understanding of the setup of gas compression systems including separating liquids from incoming gas
  • Understanding of the setup of produced gas conditioning method (dehydration and glycol regeneration)
  • Understanding of the setup of the separator process and HC behaviour
  • Understanding of the methods of water filtration, de-aeration and water injection
  • Understanding of the setup of sea water and closed cooling water systems
  • Understanding of the function of the SCADA system in a generic Oil & Gas simulator
  • Understanding the function of the ESD system in a generic Oil & Gas simulator
  • Basic knowledge of fuel gas systems
  • Basic knowledge of utility chemical injection systems
  • Basic knowledge of nitrogen generating and supply systems
  • Basic knowledge of specifications for oil & gas export and produced water systems.
  • Basic Knowledge of Drain and Flare systems
  • Basic knowledge of common documentation (OPM2B, P&ID’s etc.)
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