OPITO Offshore Emergency Response Team Leader (OERTL)

Learners attending this training and assessment programme will be given a series of explanations and demonstrations which will identify what they are expected to know and do in their role as Offshore Emergency Response Team Leader (OERTL).

This will be followed by practical exercises which will allow learners to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and understanding of their emergency response role.

The target group for the OERTL Initial Training Programme is personnel who are appointed to, or to be appointed to, the role of an Offshore Emergency Response Team Leader.

  • The role and key responsibilities of the OERTL
  • Emergency response arrangements
  • Hazards, hazard recognition and mitigation associated with typical fire and non-fire incidents
  • Leading the response to an incident
  • Mobilisation, considerations and actions of the ER team including confirming operational readiness with regards to personnel, PPE, equipment and resources
  • Practical fire and non-fire related incidents
  • OERTL responsibilities at incident conclusion

The aim and objectives of the OERTL Initial Training Programme are to equip the learner with the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills to perform the role of Offshore Emergency Response Team Leader effectively.

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